Past, Present, and Future:

A history of Plattsburgh's top-down development, Current DRI Grant Issues, and Opposition to the current Durkee Street Development



Plattsburgh has a long history of top-down development strategies, which have resulted in many failed and misinformed projects over the years.  It is worth taking an in-depth look into the history of such projects, so we as a community do not continue to make the same mistakes.


dri grant issues

Plattsburgh was a First Round recipient of New York State's Downtown Revitalization Innitiative Grants providing $10 million in development funds for the downtown area. While there are many benefits to this program, there are many flaws in the overall structure of the plan that have resulted in community disinfranchisement of DRI funds in the project selection process.



Strong Towns Plattsburgh opposes the Durkee Street Parking Lot development in its current form as mandated by New York State and proposed by the Local Planning Committee to the DRI.  Additionally, there is reason to beleive that public opinion was misrepresented to the state by the LPC in promoting this project.