Our Mission

Community driven, sustainable development for the people by the people


who is strong townS PLATTSBURGH?

Strong Towns Plattsburgh was formed by a group of concerned citizens who were not satisfied with the history of top-down development strategies employed in the city of Plattsburgh for over 50 years, which does not sufficiently take into account the concerns and needs of the general public.

Our mission is to advocate for grass-roots, small-scale, and diversified development; as opposed to top-down large-scale projects that carry high risk and have a high rate of failure.  Our goal is to help the city of Plattsburgh become a truly resilient and prosperous community through ground up, organic growth.


plan of action

We intend to achieve these goals by conducting research and providing information for community members, so they are able to make informed decisions and participate in the community development process here in the city of Plattsburgh.  We aim to provide accountability for local and state leadership, in order to ensure that the voice of the community is heard in every step of the planning process.

Strong Towns Plattsburgh strongly believes that the people already living, working, and playing here can provide a wealth of untapped knowledge to better direct and inform development strategies than outside consultants or investors - and at much less cost to taxpayers!  We are the people most familiar with our area and the needs that exist in our own communities.